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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (69:54)

Warehouse 5am (9:33)

Bathdub (11:22)

The Calling (5:06)

Pleidean Communication

Lighten Up! (6:34)

Spacehopper (10:18)

Hypnosystem (11:04)

Aquasonic (8:19)
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'Synaesthetic' by A Positive Life
(waveform cat. no. 85104 - UPC no. 789068510422 - release date: 7 Nov 1995)

energized electro-ambient rhythms...slo-mo, whirly dance grooves

A brilliant, pioneering collection of contempo electro that includes the spotlight single, The Calling, sampled by Enigma on their album, "The Cross of Changes" and heard here as well as the Waveform sountrack album "Ancient Alien."

"You'll catch A Positive Life's dreamy, sci-fi house tunes in your head and keep them there for days. While standing at bus stops, subways, check-out lines, and post offices, you'll find yourself bobbing your head as catchy trance melodies dance through your consciousness." -- epitonic

APL is:
Stef Pierlejewski who records at home in the UK in an all white room,
"So I can project loads of things on the walls as I work."

another important transmission from: