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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (73:20)

The Calling (5:06)
by A Positive Life
Warehouse 5am (9:33)
by A Positive Life
Bathdub (11:22)
by A Positive Life
Hypnosystem (11:04)
by A Positive Life
Pleidean Communication (7:15)
by A Positive Life
Triangle (10:07)
by Sounds From the Ground
Devotion (5:32)
by Pentatonik
Lighten Up! (6:34)
by A Positive Life
Starfire (6:13)
by Om
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'Ancient Alien' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 88102 - UPC no. 789068810225 - release date: 18 Aug 1998)

whirly, swirly audio soundtracks!

This eye popping, mind tripping release is the audio soundtrack of the Sony Music Video "Ancient Alien" described by critics as "strangly hypnotic," "a brilliant computer-graphics ride" and "gob-smackingly stunning!" From the producers of the highly acclaimed "The Mind's Eye" video series.

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