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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (64:22)

Imaginary Gods (6:48)

Loosey Goosey (8:39)

Alice in Spiral Land (8:57)

Dark Blanket of Night (6:24)

The Hoax (6:13)

Krishna Krazy (6:34)

Guardians of Sanity (7:11)

Overall Pattern (5:34)

Liquid Twilight (7:38)
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Click to Stream Fetal Position

'Fetal Position' by enCAPSULAte
(waveform cat. no. 13101 - UPC no. 789061310128 - release date: 8 Oct 2013)

more exotic, mind expanding, psychedelic chillout.

enCAPSULAte is the artist formerly known as Capsula - Israel's Yosi Shamay. He began his music explorations back in his teenage years and somewhere between his mind altering travels on the planet within the psytrance culture and earning a chemistry degree at university, Yosi turned his considerable talents to psychedelic chillout, influenced by the likes of Terence & Dennis McKenna, Alan Watts and Carlos Castaneda, just to name a few.

'Fetal Position' is enCAPSULAte's amazing, all-encompassing second release and features eye-popping original artwork by Hakan Hisim. More heady, engaging soundscapes for your inner sanctums. enCAPSULAte (as Capsula) previously released Synthesis of Reality, on Holland's Ajana label along with his warmly welcomed compilation tracks on our own Waveform Transmissions - Volume One and Two and his debut full length Waveform release Sense of a Drop.

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