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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (63:55)

Lali (5:10)
by Paddy Free
Wicked Flow (5:32)
by Sounds From the Ground
Transient Transmission (5:48)
by Pitch Black
Up in Smoke (7:03)
by Third Ear Audio
Wonderland (8:07)
by Warp Technique
I Still Know That I Know (7:05)
by Capsula
Quiet Please (4:54)
by International Observer
Why Me (4:26)
by Hoehle
Big Fish (winter mix) (5:08)
by Hanfstengel & Yo-Yo
Antaris (10:17)
by Master Margherita
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Click to Download Waveform Transmissions - Volume Two

Click to Download Waveform Transmissions - Volume Two

'Waveform Transmissions - Volume Two' by Various Artists

(waveform cat. no. 09102 - UPC no. 789060910220 - release date: 13 Oct 2009)

The adventures continue with more heady psychedelic chill and psy-ambient from the label that pioneered the ambient dub genre of coolness with our legendary One, Two, Three and Four A.D. titles. A mind blowing journey through psychedelic chill and psy-ambient with a touch of heavenly dub influences that promote spaced-out listening. Ten mind expanding tracks - all from overseas artists, from Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Israel and the UK.

Every track is good and the album includes offerings from Capsula and our best selling artists Sounds From the Ground and New Zealand's Pitch Black - recently heard on HBO's hit series True Blood and network TV's CSI: Miami.

"The only word that comes to my mind is enthralled..." - Miss Elizabeth at Amazon.com

"Deep lucious dub - sinous bass lines, echoing keyboards, electronic beeps and blips ... Dublicious." - Amplifier

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