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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (68:17)

Behind the Sun
(deep ambient mix) (7:22)

by The Starseeds
Autumn Leaves
(Irresistable Force
Mix Trip 2) (7:02)

by Coldcut
Triangle (10:06)
by Sounds From the Ground
A Voyage on the
Marie Celeste (4:22)

by Groove Corporation
Pleidean Communication (7:14)
by A Positive Life
Baby Interphase (5:13)
by Biosphere
Tortoise (7:16)
by Higher Intelligence Agency
Sunken Garden (6:09)
by Human Mesh Dance
Late Night (5:15)
by Insanity Sect
Aquasonic (8:18)
by A Positive Life
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'Two A.D.' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 85101 - UPC no. 789068510125 - release date: 4 Apr 1995)

volume two ambient dub...our current biggest selling title

read the original 4 April 1995 street date "Two A.D." press release

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"Sometimes...dreams, are wiser than waking." -- Black Elk

"The search for musical ecstasy begins again. I am lying completely naked, relaxed with eyes closed. Feeling. Sensing. Listening. Slowly, from all directions I am enveloped by these smooth spirals of sound, like a million ascending bubbles, arising from within an internal, atmospheric eternity.
And this is good."
-- Mark Riva, Metagrooves

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