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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (61:29)

Treasure (7:18)

Shine (5:18)

Mineral (5:23)

The Cut (5:27)

Bodega Bay (5:48)

Drugstore (7:01)

Rye (8:29)

Marshmello (6:28)

Planted (9:54)
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'Terra Firma' by Sounds From the Ground
(waveform cat. no. 99103 - UPC no. 789069910320 - 30 May 2000)

more...widescreen, electronic panoramas

The much anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed debut release "Kin" - from Elliot Morgan Jones and Nick Woolfson, the UK duo known as Sounds From the Ground.  Further adventures in their earthy style of dubby, soul flavored sound manipulations, recorded at Jamm Studios in London.  Terra Firma exhibits a natural, progressive growth and maturation from their highly regarded earlier works.

"...A deadly concoction of stoney bass tones,
alien soundscapes and serene synthesizer melodies..."
-- CMJ

"...undulating ambient rhythms
...cascading synths...soulful, ethereal effects all mixed together perfectly to cover many...textures and stunning paces....a totally winning disc... This one is A++ all the way."
-- Heartbeats

"Recalling William Orbit's Strange Cargo, Sounds From The Ground is a British duo operating at the edges of ambient and dance and providing as much for the mind as the body in this electronica journey. From the opening "Treasure," Sounds From The Ground brings a coolly distant ear, mixing and matching familiar elements but in consistently engaging and surprising ways. Mysterious spoken voices, sampled gospel, trip-hop dub grooves, and filter-swept synth lines shift the focus along an arc described as much by mood as by melody. Minimalism meets dub on the tropical cycles of "Bodega Bay," while "Drugstore," which marches to a groove of doom, is a piece of resigned heroism. "Rye" traverses a dark, voodoo trance vamp laced with Terry Riley-like organ cycles. The roller-rink organ refrain and horn bursts of "Marshmello" circumscribe a hallucinogenic ballroom. Sounds From The Ground may be on terra firma, but its music is flying high." -- Billboard

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