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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (67:27)

Leaving Babylon (6:43)

Prophetic Sines (6:16)

(retriangulated) (7:02)

Rubicon (5:57)

Prayers For Rain
(dub mix) (6:52)

White Magnesia (5:40)

7th Phase Dub (6:28)

Burning Waters (6:33)

Mezzamorphic (7:58)

Desperate Ends (5:32)

Cliffdiving (1:57)
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'Prima Materia' by Bluetech
(waveform cat. no. 03101 - UPC no. 789060310129 - release date: 23 Sep 2003)

fresh, new exotics...listen, become inspired.

The debut release from Evan Bluetech. Bluetech melds the electronic with the organic, utilizing custom-built Reaktor instruments and software based synthesizers like Metasynth and Zeta+. His traditional classical training brings a warmth and musicality to the precision and detail of his extremely fresh electronic style and sound. Includes a remix of the Sounds From the Ground classic, Triangle.

"A sci-fi matrix of elevated dreaming, neo-electro dub and mesmerizing textures." -- EclecticGroove.tv

Check out photos from the Bluetech record release party in San Diego!

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