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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (73:11)

Dubometer (4:35)
by Templeroy
Devotion (5:31)
by Pentatonik
Soma Holiday (6:44)
by G.O.L.
Desert Wind
(interstate 101 mix) (7:46)

by Banco de Gaia
Pirate (cee mix remix) (5:13)
by Ras Command
The Calling (5:10)
by A Positive Life
Beam (6:43)
by Sandoz
Harmony Angel (5:37)
by Higher Intelligence Agency
Mecca of Space (5:59)
by Rockers Hi-Fi
Shitewrecked (7:55)
by Urchin
The Calling (ambient mix)

by A Positive Life
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'One A.D.' by Various Artists
(waveform cat. no. 84101 - UPC no. 789068410128 - release date: 17 May 1994)

volume one ambient dub...the title that started it all

read the original 17 May 1994 street date
"One A.D." press release

Note: The CD version of this title was
reformulated and remixed as Version 2.0, in the year 2000.
(the original version is now out of print).

"One lifetime is but one night,
in the life of the soul."
-- seth

another important transmission from: