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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (57:43)

Into the Great Valley (4:24)

Haj (sacred journey) (6:29)

Dark Sun (6:32)

Ancient Shadows (8:30)

Citadels & Minarets (5:38)

Nile (lifewaters) (6:16)

Muezzin Meditation (4:40)

Full Moon Dervish (7:13)

White Dunes (7:41)
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'Nomadic Impressions' by Open Canvas
(waveform cat. no. 88101 - UPC no. 789068810126 - release date: 21 Jul 1998)

ancient, cross-cultural journeys

as my
eyes slowly
close i can feel the
radiant sun and hot winds
blow across my face. Scents
of exotic spices permeate my senses
drawing me into a surreal dream. Visions
of a parched, barren desert appear to me in the
distance. I stand in awe of a place where time seems
nonexistent and ancient architects have left their relics. I am
reminded of a strangely familiar past and I find myself drawn even
more to an intensely curious future.

inspiration for this music was drawn from the middle east

another important transmission from: