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128k (3:00) mp3

total CD time (71:48)

Ape to Angel (8:23)

Freefall (5:42)

Lost in Translation (8:14)

Big Trouble Upstairs (8:03)

Melt (6:55)

Flex (8:01)

Elements Turn (9:09)

The Random Smiler (live)

Empty Spaces Missing Units
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'Ape to Angel' by Pitch Black [nz]
(waveform cat. no. 05102 - UPC no. 789060510222 - release date: 23 Aug 2005)

video enhanced CD.

The Pitch Black [nz] (with the [nz] added to avoid being confused with the USA rap group of the same name) sound created by Paddy Free and Michael Hodgson, ranges from organic ambient and layered soundscapes to skanting keyboards, cutting acid riffs and thumping rhythmic grooves, with dub being the glue that holds their music together.

Ape to Angel was originally released to critical acclaim on the KOG record label in New Zealand - followed closely by the biggest A2A tour yet, with 42 shows across the world, including their electrifying debut performances in the USA. As their debut American release, the A2A album has been repackaged with an added bonus track and eye-popping video of the focus track 'Lost in Translation,' and has found an appreciative home here at Waveform Records.

Over the years Pitch Black [nz] has found favour among club and radio DJs including John Peel (Radion One/BBC), Nick Luscombe (Xfm), Greg Roberts (Dreadzone), Pete Lawrence (Big Chill) and of course our own Forest (XM Satellite/Musical Starstreams/radioioAMBIENT.com). This superb debut American release promises to generate an equal level of continued interest and excitement! As heard on network TVs CSI: Miami and HBOs True Blood!

this video is included on our enhanced APE TO ANGEL CD.

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Visit the Pitch Black website for additional info about Paddy and Michael.

As heard in HBO's "TRUE BLOOD."

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