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June 4, 2003
For Immediate Release
Attention Radio & Records Industry

Waveform Records and Studio Distribution ink exclusive deal.

La Jolla, CA -- Waveform Corporation announced today that they have reached agreement with Studio Distribution in New York city for sole distribution rights in north America beginning July 15. For the last nine years, since the label's inception, Waveform has been distributed exclusively by Navarre Corporation (NASDQ:NAVR) of New Hope, MN -Navarre's longest exclusive label relationship. Ironically, since Navarre handles all product fulfillment and number of sales accounts for Studio Distribution, Waveform customers will still ultimately be serviced by Navarre.

Waveform President, Forest, said, "We look at this as an exciting opportunity to continue growing our catalog in the marketplace with Studio, a company that specializes in the exotic electronica genres our titles cover. That we get to keep Navarre's efficient fulfillment and sales force on our team is truly the best of both worlds for everyone."

Dave Watkins, President of Studio Distribution said, "We have been very familiar with the Waveform label since its best selling One, Two and Three A.D. compilations of the mid nineties and we look forward to exposing their established catalog and new releases to our growing customer base. We are particularly interested in tapping into the promotional exposure that Waveform has garnered on the internet as well - and that they already have a relationship with Navarre is also very helpful."

The first two releases under this agreement, scheduled for fall release dates, include Four A.D. another compilation that rekindles the popularity of that best selling "ambient dub" series and Prima Materia the full length debut release from southern California artist Bluetech.

Waveform Records has a catalog of 31 current titles, with releases from artists like the UKs Sounds From the Ground and Loop Guru. Waveform coined the term ambient dub and specializes in what they describe as exotic electronica. Waveform artists have been heard in major motion pictures like Entrapment and the HBO television series Six Feet Under, among others.

Online at waveformhq.com and www.studiodistribution.com